Edgar's Hideaway


Check in. Check in is at 4pm. Check out is 10AM

You can enter at the top of the stairs. There is electronic panel on the handle of the door lock. Please press the panel and the numbers will show up. Enter the unlock code. The door should unlock.

There is a laundry room in the basement. The door on the right before you go into the gameroom. The stairs to the basement are through the kitchen.

There are three TVs. They all have DirecTV and are smart TVs. Netflix and Amazon vide on the main TV.

There is an Alexa in the main room, the basement and by the spa. To operate the basement/gameroom Alexa, please press the input button on the speaker for auxiliary. The speakers on the deck also have bluetooth password is 0000.

Quiet hours are after 10pm. Please keep all music and outdoor activities limited after 10pm. Please make sure that the lights in the backyard are turned off. The switch is by the sliding glass door.

You do not need to bring towels, linen or blankets.

The kitchen is stocked for cooking. We have pots, pans, dishes, glassware, silverware.

There is a Standard Coffee pot. There are normally plenty of coffee filters in the cabinet.

Trash: There are 4 trash cans at the house. 2 for trash and 2 for recycle. Blue for recycle. Thursday is trash day. If this fails on your day, please take out the bins. If the trash does not fit in the bins, it is your responsibility to take the trash away. The trash disposal is off Garstin Road. Moonridge turns into Garstin at Big Bear Blvd. The trash disposal will be on the right hand side about 500 yards from Big Bear Blvd. Please make sure to put the strap on the trash cans to prevent the critters from scattering the trash. The lids must close.

We have a local property manager. Monster Properties. Please call 909-366-5555 if you have any issues when you are in the house. You can contact me at 951-640-9094.

There is a natural gas BBQ on the deck. To turn the gas on, turn the red dial. The numbers are the number of minutes the gas will be on. There is natural gas fire pit. Turn the red knob to turn the gas on. There is an igniter on the firepit by pressing the button.

There will be covers on the outdoor furniture. You are welcome to use the furniture just put the covers back on when you leave.

When traveling in mountain communities during the winter months, you are REQUIRED to carry a set of tire chains in the car at all times.

Upon arrival, you will find parking for 4 cars in the driveway. The garage is not accessible for parking. Street parking is not permitted

Wireless Network Network: Edgar's Hideaway Password: Hideaway. make sure it is a Capital H

Parties are not allowed. Please respect the quiet hours of 10pm-7pm. Citations will be issued for noise disturbances and exceeding the occupancy and parking limits. Refunds will not be granted due to eviction.

The hot tub will be professionally cleaned prior to your arrival, normally the service provider will not come to the property while you are there-unless you are staying for extended period of time.

There is a newly installed HVAC system. Please make sure that you turn the thermostat in the hallway to AWAY when you leave. to access away, press the gear button.

Please do not unplug anything by the TVs, or in the gameroom.

There is firewood on the side of the house under the deck through the gate in the driveway.

The electrical panel is on the left side of the house (if your facing the house). Sometimes breakers do trip.

There are snow and ice melting mats on the front entry way, near the BBQ and around the spa. Do not disturb the wiring or unplug anything.

There are switches in the gameroom. There is a sign pointing you to the switches. Please do not unplug anything. Use the switches to turn everything on. There will be available plugs and USB outlets for your phone on the ledge.

For the shuffleboard, use the powder lightly. More is not better.

Please empty the refrigerator before you leave.

We are a pet friendly cabin. You can bring your dogs free of charge. Please pick up after your dogs. Please be advised if you are sensitive to allergies that this is a pet friendly cabin.

We typically stock shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and soap. We do not stock zip lock bags and tinfoil.

When you leave, please make sure all lights are turned off. Thermostat is turn to away. Doors and windows are closed and locked. Cover the outdoor furniture. Take away or dispose of your trash.

Should you have any other questions during your stay, feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy your stay and visit us again in the future!

Edgar's Hideaway Team
Who is the shuffleboard champion in your group?